Welcome to Penny Stock Observer

The Wolf of Weed Street has partnered with the team at Marijuana Stocks to provide insight and identify opportunity in the public marijuana space via www.MarijuanaStocks.com. This team has successfully discovered and alerted multiple stocks that have gone on to post significant gains over extended periods of time. We do not focus on quick one day trades but rather uncovering value plays that have relative longevity and staying power.

Well, now the same team that has already racked in over +2,500% in total gains in the marijuana sector is bringing our experience and expertise to all sectors of the market with the Penny Stock Observer.

With a former award winning hedge fund trader and full-time professional day trader at the helm, the Penny Stock Observer connects the dots by identifying undervalued companies trading on the OTC and NASDAQ that stand to be impacted by an internal corporate development or outside factor resulting in a sustainable and long-term price appreciation. Our goal is not to find quick one day trades but rather companies you can really sink your teeth into. We find opportunity where no one else thinks to look.

Penny Stock Observer is THE hub for finding trending penny stocks, possible penny stocks to buy, promoted penny stocks, and even hot stocks to watch in the near future.

The stock market can make you a lot of money and Penny Stock Observer will be standing by to bring you the information necessary so that YOU can be your own penny stock picker.  We’ll also have stocks that we like and will bring you reports, articles, and profiles on the ones we feel could be in play.

At the end of the day we know two things, to make money you have to spend money and that a well-educated investor has a better shot at consistently winning in the stock market than someone blindly choosing random letter combinations and hoping for a score & it doesn’t hurt to have two professional traders pointing you in the right direction.

Make sure you’re checking back frequently and read our articles to gain more insight into what’s happening “out there.” The team at Penny Stock Observer wants nothing more than your success and we aim to provide the proper information to help you along the way!

Welcome Aboard!