American Cannabis Company Inc (OTCMKTS:AMMJ) Announces The Update On The New Brunswick Hemp Project


American Cannabis Company Inc (OTCMKTS:AMMJ) is a cannabis marketing and distribution company that has over the years focused on the distribution of medical cannabis products around the globe. It has today provided an update of on its 125-acre industrial hemp project with Global Hemp Group Inc which happens to be its joint venture partner.

Focusing on the future

The project is established in northeast New Brunswick and if all moves accordingly the planting of seeds on the first 77 acres might be completed before this week comes to a close. People well conversant with the matter say the 48 acres left will be seeded over the coming two weeks.

The delay results from the fact that there is need to serve the farmers with soil test results for this acreage since that will be the only way for them to make a proper determination of the fertilizer requirements for the cultivation this year.

Currently, the Project managers are carrying out evaluations on the drying equipment to be used in the processing of biomass after the harvesting. It is only after the biomass is dried that it can be shipped to then processors for extraction of the cannabinoids.
Important points regarding MCOA and its CBD products

Management is in touch with a number of the potential processing partners for this material with important discussions on the way forward taking the center-stage. In two weeks to come, the final decision will be arrived at.

It is worth mentioning that CBD products are not in the same category as psychoactive marijuana and that means that nothing ever pops up along the way in the form of legal pitfalls. Fundamentally, the market is associated with quite little in terms of the associated uncertainty. With the passage of time, CBD is turning out to be one of the fastest growing segments of the cannabis market which according to sources is said to be expanding pretty fast.

Most of the market observers agree that MCOA is becoming quite attractive and that is for both the activity it has showcased on its chart and also on the rapid progress witnessed from its wide array of cannabis interests.

The plot will undertake the cultivation of hemp, oats and a green manure crop. Soon we will be able to see it deliver organic oats and certified organic CBD.


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