Digipath Inc (OTCMKTS:DIGP) Gets An Emerald Test Badges Award For Excellency in Cannabis Tests


Digipath Inc (OTCMKTS:DIGP) has bagged an Emerald Test Badges Award for excellence in various cannabis tests in Spring 2018. The cannabis tests conducted at this independent lab include microbial 1 (quantitative), terpenes, higa-toxin expressing E. coli (STEC), heavy metals, oil, microbial 2 (qualitative salmonella), mycotoxins, and aspergillus mold.

The Emerald Test is established for measuring the performance of cannabis testing labs. It provides a comparison statement using the established standards with respect to the cannabis industry for testing in petrochemical, water, pharmaceutical, food, environmental industries.

Who Gets Emerald Badges Award?

Emerald Badges will be given to the top performing labs that show excellence in each test according to the standards of an ISO-accredited PT manufacturer. Therefore, Digipath Inc has proven its commitment to the cannabis industry to follow good science practices.

Chief Operations Officer and President of Digipath Labs, Todd Denkin said participating in a 3rd party proficiency testing twice a year demonstrates the commitment of the company to make improvements and to establish itself as a best Nevada based testing laboratory.

Digipath Labs Selects Mr. Charlie Sturek To Head The Quality Department

Digipath Labs has selected Mr. Charlie Sturek as the Director (Quality). From an initial stint as a formulation chemist at a cosmetic industry, he was elevated to the Manager (Quality) at an emergency medical technician (EMT) department in a big hospital based in Washington DC.

He has obtained a degree (Biology and Chemistry) and also an MBA from the Stony Brook University. He brings 20 years of experience to Digipath Labs.

Todd Denkin commenting on his appointment said Mr. Sturekis a perfect fit to the Digipath with his 20 years of quality and chemistry experience. He is given the responsibility to identify inefficiencies in the existing quality control practices after a thorough review and bring in specific test mandates, and develop efficient process flows to obtain ISO 17025 certification.

Brief Information about Digipath Inc

Digipath Inc is committed to supporting the cannabis industry by adopting best practices in testing and also in education and training. It also publishes unbiased articles about the players in the cannabis space.


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