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Last week we began to follow Heritage Printing Corp. (HAGE). Since we began to alert this company we have seen real gains of over 30% from Wed 11/16- Fri 11-18 last week. We will be playing close attention to (HAGE) as we believe IF (HAGE)can break the .30 mark and establish a base above .30 it will run fast and strong.

Look at the last 30 days on (HAGE) and you’ll see it’s been no stranger to much higher highs. It’s hit 0.38 in October and nearly saw $0.70 during the summer. A run from here back to those levels could easily put this into the wheelhouse of some of our biggest winners this year. As stated above getting through .30 is step 1 to new highs!

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Now, if you haven’t checked into (HAGE), we think that now would be a great time to have this on your screen, if you haven’t subscribed to the text service, just follow the instructions above, and if you’re tired of missing out on some of the biggest alerts that the market has ever seen, sign into chat immediately…see you there.

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