Inpixon (NASDAQ:INPX) Expands Its Global Presence With Wave Of New Channel Partnerships


It was today that Inpixon (NASDAQ:INPX) pronounced the continued expansion of its reseller partner network. The past few weeks have witnessed it forge several new partnerships in Portugal, the United Kingdom, North America, Central America and Africa.

 Inpixon and its Indoor Positioning Analytics (IPA) solution

The company has stated that it will be doing all within its means to ensure that it succeeds at securing, digitizing and optimizing locations with its Indoor Positioning Analytics (IPA) solution for governments and businesses in the different locations around the globe.

An associated white paper has brought it out clearly that by the moment 2021 arrives, the number of mobile-connected devices per capita will have hit the 1.5 mark. The world needs much more of the devices used to record, photograph, or transfer information such as the confidential intellectual property.

The various agencies that choose to adopt Inpixon IPA most at times are able to mitigate a huge deal of related risks. The employment of the Inpixon IPA’s zone-based alerts and policy controls makes it a lot much easier to provide full forensic reporting whenever a safety or security incident occurs, helps trigger network and data security policies on the basis of location, and above makes it much easier to enforce the no-cellphone zones.

Benefits of increasing the number of devices

An increase in the number of devices translates into potential of more revenue opportunities for the marketing as well as for the retail space. As a result, most of the businesses are able to optimize their staffing levels of the basis of the visitor trends.

It is fundamentally about the uncovering of opportunities on the grounds of customer behavior, not forgetting the overall development of provable and repeatable return on investment (ROI). An official working with the company in a recent interview stated that the Inpixon IPA technology was the widely sought after answer to the question about exactly who stood within a particular location, where they were headed to as well as the sort of business they would undertake to influence their path.

Inpixon VP of Business development John Piccininni opined, “Inpixon is expanding its international presence through its growing network of reseller partners, government customers, and end-users.”


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