Plandai Biotechnology Inc (OTCMKTS:PLPL)’s SORBEO Phytofare Reports Positive Results In Chicken Studies


Plandai Biotechnology Inc (OTCMKTS:PLPL) has announced positive results from chicken studies that were undertaken to determine how Phytofare® infused SORBEO™ can be used as a feed additive to boost the diet of poultry. Plandai Biotechnology specializes in the production of nutraceutical plus highly phyto-available extracts.

Increase in poultry weight

Results from studies showed that chicks added weight by up to 7%. The scoop of the data was expanded and used to determine the effect on broilers. The results showed that in a period of one year, profits from each chic went up by 18%. This is equivalent to the profits that the producers would earn from the fact that the chicks take a shorter period to attain the required weight in addition to reducing the amount of feeds consumed. Additionally, the number of chicks that reached maturity increased significantly. Previous studies had indicated that bird diet supplemented by Phytofare® did not cause any change in appearance, color or taste of the meat of the birds.

Cost-effective method

Compared to other additives, SORBEO™ proprietary PREMIX is very affordable and cost-effective. It is extracted from green tea leaf and is made of a proprietary complex comprising of all the eight minerals, amino acids, caffeine, catechins plus other phytonutrients.

LabServe, Deltamune (Pty) Limited and Red Gold Biotechnologies (Pty) Limited have undertaken studies to determine the advantages of enhanced gut maintenance to the poultry industry which are derived from the use of Phytofare® in the SORBEO™ proprietary PREMIX. The study mainly examined the benefits that come with Phytofare® when administered in a low dosage to a control group of birds. Four different studies carried out independently established that Phytofare® catechins were infused and stayed in the plasma of the chicken for over 24 hours.

The consolidated finding from the study have determined that Phytofare® infused in Liposome Iotas and added to chicken feed, boosts the growth performance of broilers. SORBEO™ proprietary Phytofare® premix was introduced into the market for commercial use in October 2017. This is after a new study was carried out at Mikon Farming Sidwale Caves in South Africa, with Phytofare® poultry and control houses each having 14,000 birds.


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