SMART CANNABIS (OTCMKTS:SCNA) Acquires A Cannabis Cultivation License In Northern California After Securing A Letter Of Intent


It was today that SMART CANNABIS (OTCMKTS:SCNA) disclosed that SAP Investments, Inc had acquired a cannabis cultivation license in Northern California after securing a Letter of Intent. SAP Investments, Inc happens to be the company’s newly formed subsidiary.

Expert thoughts on the latest developments

John Taylor, the current Smart Cannabis President has termed the latest move a step towards the right direction. According to him, the company is evolving quite fast and even the potential investors and partners have also acknowledged the same. The company’s board is pleased about the fact that they have managed to undertake the deal within such a short time.

Taylor opined, “Our team will urgently proceed with formalizing necessary contracts so we can decisively maximize the revenue potential while conforming to applicable laws. There are several paths open to us, but adding a large scale California cultivation license has greater potential to accelerate our overall revenue and market share growth in the cannabis industry.”

The reason for coming up with SAP Investments was to see to it that Smart Cannabis Corp was able to leverage its expertise across the cannabis spectrum, including special purpose real estate acquisitions, and licensing, building and above all the sale of fully compliant turnkey facilities for the various products manufactured from cannabis.

The sale of sixty (60) new Multi Spectrum Grow Light fixtures

The other move by the company is about the sale of sixty (60) new Multi Spectrum Grow Light fixtures, an undertaking to be made in a matter of days before finally availing them to the marketplace.

The new Multi Spectrum Grow Light happens to be a product of a business partnership between John Taylor and several top manufacturers. And it will be all about the improvement of cost and energy efficiency as well as the providing a major lift to the crop yields.

If all goes according to plan, the business giant will utilize the unique light in a wide range of the greenhouse cultivation projects. The supplemental lighting will fundamentally be helping extend the hours of the natural daylight which promotes the growth rate, health and above all the yield of the plants. The availability of crops throughout the season is also a matter the company is considering.


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