The9 Limited (ADR) (NASDAQ:NCTY) To Give A Major Boost To Its Blockchain Consulting Service Business


The9 Limited (ADR) (NASDAQ:NCTY) has today made the pronouncement that it will succeed in its quest to give a major boost to its blockchain technology-based service business. To get to that point, the business guru is turning to the establishment of a wholly-owned subsidiary and it believes it is all it takes to achieve its set goal.

Expansion of the subsidiary

With the passage of time it continues to witness immense business success and it is now setting aside a chunk of its resources which it intends to utilize in the overall expansion of its subsidiary, provision of blockchain technology-based services to  to companies around the globe and above all in the recruitment of  blockchain talents.

The business giant takes the stand that the new business will help much in strengthening The9’s efforts further and thus it will be possible to achieve much in the blockchain consulting business. In addition, it will be able to offer the various enterprises around the globe investment and financial services.

New strategies to achieve the set goals

Anytime soon there will be a number of blockchain experts making their way into the company. There was great need to ensure that the experts brought on board had strong technical backgrounds since that would help much towards the overall development of the of The9’s internal blockchain projects.

An official working with the company while walking out of a business conference that was held recently spoke to a number of journalists. In answering one of their questions in the interview, he told them that the team was planning to do all that it took to ensure that the online game industry used more of the blockchain technology and that they would achieve through utilizing The9’s resources.

It is now many years down the line from the time The9’s started offering online games such as TV games, mobile games and the multiplayer online games. Positive change is being witnessed. However, it is also important to note that it has also encountered several challenges along the way.


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