What Does The Future of #Healthcare Look Like?


Over the last couple of years, the U.S. spending rate on healthcare has grown up to $3.1 trillion a year. This also seems to be a trend; according to the economist, by 2024, about 20% of money will be spent on Healthcare. This is a tremendous increase from the meager 17.4% in 2013. Overall, about $9,700 were spent per person in the United States this year, up from 5.5% in 2007.

Many are worried that the U.S. spending rate will reduce back to percentages before the Great Recession, which could easily lead back to another. Luckily, however, the annual spending rate will stay at around 5.8%, which is about 3.2% below pre­recession rates. Things look like they will be okay in terms of our economy. However, the only downfall pertains to the actual people that this entire process is for.

Along with rising prices, and an improving economy, millions of new people are joining healthcare plans under the Affordable care act, so one would assume that the prices would rise. For unfortunate reasons, that is not the case. As the price of going to the hospital rises, millions of people are expected to stop going to the doctor. It seems as if due to the rising prices of hospital visits, spending costs truly do not matter since people will not visit the doctors anyway.


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